• Sudeep Badoni

Sounds of Multan

Multani is a raag of serious nature. Originating from Thaat (Mel or family) 'Todi', but not inheriting any of its properties or raga-ang, Multani stands out with its own uniqueness.

Multani is sung or played in the late afternoon which is same as for its sam-prakritik raag Madhuvanti. Multani employs usage of 5 swaras while ascending (arohan) and all seven swaras in its descent (avrohan). As it belongs to Todi thaat, it uses all vikrit swaras except Ni i.e., komal Re, komal Ga, teevra Ma, komal Dha, while Sa and Pa are achal and Ni is shuddha. Unlike Todi's ati-komal Gandhar (Ga), Multani creates a mysterious effect through its sharp Gandhar (komal though) which has a touch of teevra Ma.

Its Arohan goes as follows:

Ni. Sa Ga,(Ma') Ma' Pa Ni Sa"


Sa" Ni Dha, Pa Ma' Ga, Re, Sa

Points to note during movement in Raag Multani:

1. When jumping to Ga from Sa, a touch of teevra Ma is induced to Ga (kan of teevra Ma makes it chadha Gandhar (komal though), this can be beautifully achieved by using Laag of teevra Ma over Ga)

2. While returning from Ga to Sa, komal rishabh should just be touched but not stayed at. This is one of the sensitive points of Multani.

3. While returning from Ni to Pa, komal Dhaivat (Dha) should just be touched but not stayed at. Even if a swar-sangati like Ma' Pa Dha, Pa is used, stay at Dha is avoided.

Then there are numerous things one should keep in mind while practicing this sensitive but mysteriously beautiful raag, till one masters it.

An example in brief, on how one can move in Multani:

(All swaras used as per Aroh and Avroh)

ni. sa ga re sa ; ni. sa ni. dha. pa. ; ma. pa. ni. sa ; ni sa ga re sa ; ni sa ga(ma) ma ga ; ma ga pa ; pa ga ma ga pa ; ga ma pa ni ma pa ; ma pa ni sa' ; ni sa' ni dha pa ; ma pa dha ma pa ; ma ga ma ga sa(re) ; ni. sa ga re sa ;

This is what Multani can be defined in brief, otherwise a Raag has to be discovered in one's lifetime, like a journey.

Please let me know if any terminology or notation used here creates any kind of confusion, I will try to ammend it and help! Thanks.

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